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Forex managed account Vesbolt review – Top forex managed accounts

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Vesbolt is a trading and asset management company that was founded in 2013. Although you might consider it a new’ player in the financial markets industry, the company has quickly built a reputation for being one of the leading institutions you can build your portfolio with. So far, they are managing investor assets of over $100 million. Investors have been pooled from over 30 different countries.

As a financial markets trading and asset management company, Vesbolt offers a simple solution to investors who want to get into the markets but don’t want to spend time trading. They handle all the trade execution, strategy development and portfolio growth for you. They also select the types of instruments that offer the best returns. For you, all you need to do is provide the investment capital.

But since Vesbolt isn’t the only trading and asset management company available today, how does Vesbolt fare compared with others? This forex managed account review will provide all the answers you’re looking for.

Vesbolt head offices

Vesbolt was founded in the British Virgin Islands. Their main offices are located on the 2nd floor of the Coastal Building Wickham Cay II, Road Town, Tortola VG1110. You can also reach them by phone through +44 20 3290 9993.

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Is Vesbolt regulated and by which financial authority?

Legit asset managers need to be registered and regulated by financial authorities of specific regions. Vesbolt is no exception and they’re registered and regulated by the British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission under number IBR/AIM/15/0066. They’re also registered and regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) under number ABRN 618 964 524.

Vesbolt isn’t a forex broker as some people might assume. As an asset management company, their job is to take make financial trades on your behalf to grow your wealth. Your funds are placed in a bank account bearing your personal details. Simply put, their job is to act as your proxy. This means that Vesbolt needs to partner with top licensed regulated broker that offers the trading platform and the assets to trade. They also need to partner with a tech company that offers the technological support to make trading profitably easier. Finally, they will also need to partner with a reputable bank where client’s funds are kept.

Vesbolt partners

Vesolt’s 1st partner is London capital group(LCG) is a leading forex regulated broker headquartered in the UK. As a list regulated broker, LCG is licensed by both CySEC and the FCA. Since they launched in 1996, LCG handles over $1 billion in trader deposits and has facilitated over $20 trillion in executed trades.

Vesbolt’s 2nd partner is the Swissquote bank. Before Vesbolt’s asset managers can use your money to trade, you’ll need to open an account with this bank and give them permission to access the funds. The account is created using your name and personal details. This helps to secure your funds. If Vesbolt or any of their other partners goes under, you can still access your funds from your dedicated Swissquote bank account. Also, Swissquote insures account holders funds to up to CHF 100000 meaning there will always be a way to get your money back if any of these four companies goes under.

Vesbolt’s 3rd partner is LMAX Exchange. They’re one of the fastest growing UK tech companies specializing in FX trading software. Their tech infrastructure is utilized by many financial institutions dealing in FX markets in major cities including London, Tokyo and New York. LMAX Exchange is also authorized and regulated by the FCA.

Vesbolt unique proposition

There are many online asset management companies to choose from today. Vesbolt has to established itself through some unique proposition to stand out. Here are the key points,

Partnership with established players in the financial markets

Credibility and trust are the biggest assets any financial institution should invest in if they’re to get investors on board. Despite being founded less than 5 years ago, the company decided to partner with already established and reputable companies within the finance industry. Each of their partners has been around for at least 10 years with Swissquote and LCG having being in operation for over 20 years each. Having such partners shows that Vesbolt is worth investing with.

Building trust doesn’t end with partnering with these institutions, Vesbolt is also registered and regulated by ASIC and the British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission. This allows them to offer their services to investors from different countries.

Client funds safeguarded

Vesbolt has put in place several measures to ensure that investor funds are safeguarded. This is unlike some asset management companies which are only after making commissions and fees rather than making their clients profits. Some of the measures put in place include the following:

  1.  All client funds are placed in a Swissquote account in the client’s name
  2. Account managers are expected to invest their own money alongside the clients
  3. Every partner they work with is fully regulated which further insures the clients funds from loss in case of liquidation

Focus on a small profitable asset class group

To maintain success record, successful traders and investors focus on a small set of instruments and they aree easy to analyze, track and build an effective trading strategy for. Vesbolt applies this same philosophy. Even though their partner LCG offers over 5000 different instruments, Vesbolt focuses on G10 currencies and precious metals. As such, they’ve been able to create innovative strategies which reduce risk and increase chances of profiting from majority of trades entered.

Both manual and algorithmic trades used

Simply relying on manual trade entry and exit will limit the amounts of profits you can earn as a financial instruments trader. Algorithms are faster and are able to spot profitable trends that a human might miss. Vesbolt utilizes both manual and algorithmic trading techniques which help to increase client profits every day.

Use of different trading strategies to profit in different market conditions

Financial markets change every moment. Experienced traders agree that you can profit in different market conditions. All you need is to adopt the right trading strategy. Vesbolt incorporates 4 different trading strategies which include high frequency, momentum, trends and reversal. These make it easy to profit from short term or long term positions or based on specific market movements.

Clients always kept in the loop

As a client of an asset management company, you’ll want to be regularly updated about how your portfolio is fairing. Nothing can be more frustrating than having to constantly call your account manager requesting updates. Vesbolt takes care of this by sending every client daily forex managed accounts performance reports via email. In addition, Swissquote will also send you an account statement every end month. Such transparency allows you to know whether your account is growing or not.

Easily accessible customer support team

Any questions you have about your forex managed accounts are handled fast and professionally by the company’s support team. They can be contacted via live chat, email, phone or Skype.

What assets does Vesbolt specialize in?

Although the financial markets offer a wide range of tradable asset classes, Vesbolt specializes in a small set that includes currency pairs and precious metals.

This company offers investors 6 different account types to choose from. Each account gives you access to currency and commodities markets.
They are as follows:

1. Vesbolt explorer

Forex managed accounts within this portfolio are operated by professional FX traders from Canada. This account type deals exclusively with trading FX with all major currency pairs covered. Trades can last a few seconds to weeks depending on the strategy used.

Since it was introduced, the Vesbolt explorer portfolio has seen a total gross growth of 239.43% and a maximum historic drawdown of 23.7%.

2. Vesbolt Growthist

This is a semi automated trading system that focuses on 3 major currency pairs. The main strategy implemented on trades is the breakout strategy which is less risky and offers short term profitability. Since its inception in 2014, the Vesbolt Growthist portfolio has seen a gross growth rate of 358.17% and a maximum historic drawdown of 24.46%.

3. Vesbolt Quantronic

Accounts under the Vesbolt Quantronic portfolio are managed by professional traders based in Sydney. The trading system incorporated complex algorithms that perform discretionary trades and optimized to spot and enter highly profitable positions. The algorithms are continuously updated to produce better results for Vesbolt Quantronic account holders. The instruments traded under this portfolio are the major G10 currencies and gold.

This portfolio was introduced in 2016 and has seen a total gross growth of 112.50% and a maximum historic drawdown of 14.34%.

4. Vesbolt Berkeley

Accounts under this portfolio execute trades on G10 currency pairs and are executed by an algorithmic trading system. It’s a long term low frequency trading portfolio which focuses on gaining profits over an extended period of time. The underlying algorithms implement several strategies simultaneously making it easy to profit regardless of market movements and changes. Since its introduction in 2016, the Vesbolt Berkeley has experienced a gross growth of 66.38% and a maximum historic drawdown of 7.28%.

5. Vesbolt Assertion

Accounts under this portfolio execute trades on 15 currency pairs and gold. They’re executed by an advanced algorithmic system whose underlying strategy is price movements. This strategy has proven effective in predicting future price trends allowing the algorithm to enter and exit profitable trades consistently. This portfolio has already experienced a gross growth of 193.02% and a maximum historic drawdown of 17.87% since its inception in 2015.

6. Vesbolt Metalline

This portfolio exclusively deals with trading gold. Trades are semi automated with the underlying algorithm designed to place multiple orders based on price movements. The orders are short term with many of the trades entered being profitable and cancelling out the losing trades. This portfolio was introduced in 2013 and has seen a gross growth of 233.32% and a maximum historic drawdown of 25.53%.

Opening an account, depositing and withdrawing funds

As an investor, you can select one or more of these portfolios depending on the types of assets you prefer and your overall goals. So, how do you get started?

Getting started requires you deposit at least $2000 to your Swissquote account. You will also need to provide the necessary personal details and documents needed to open your account. Once the account is opened, it will take anywhere between 2 to 4 business days for your trading account to be approved.

Since money used to fund you trading account is sourced directly from your Swissquote bank account, withdrawals need to be made directly to the same account. After this, you can either withdraw directly or transfer the funds to another bank account. This process can take up to 5 business days.

Vesbolt Advantages and Cons


    • Asset managers do not have direct access to your bank account which ensures your funds remain safe
    • 6 different portfolios to choose from makes it easy to diversify your investments
    • Manual and algorithmic trading techniques used to maximize profit potential on each trade
    • Partnered with established, regulated and reputable financial and technology companies making it a trustworthy business to deal with
    • Easily accessible customer support team to handle all your account queries
    • You are always informed about your account status through daily and monthly email statements


    • The minimum amount needed to get started with any portfolio is $2000 which is much higher compared to what many regulated forex brokers require
    • Fees charged per lot plus monthly performance fees can significantly minimize your monthly earnings
    • Depositing and withdrawing your earnings must be through Swissquote bank and might take several days for transactions to complete


Trading in the financial markets carries significant risk especially if you decide to do it alone. But if you’re wondering where to invest 100k and want to minimize risk, an asset management company is a good choice. Vesbolt is one of the top trading and asset management companies available today. Managing investor deposits of over $100 million, they have quickly built a reputation of being a reliable and trustworthy online asset manager.

The company has partnered with three reputable financial and tech companies. They’ve also employed a team of experienced traders and FX algorithms both of which have a proven track record of delivering consistent results. Each of their 6 portfolios has seen positive growth since it was launched. This makes any of them a worthwhile option for any investor. While profits aren’t guaranteed in the financial markets, Vesbolt’s performance is an indicator that you can at least expect to get some good returns on your investment.


Gomer Magtibay

January 7, 2018 at 3:14 pm

Even if they’re experts in this field of Forex, they sometimes can incur losses, or should I say, “risks”. Now, with that required amount of $2,000 which is a bit big money for me, what guarantee do I have that these people will really trade in favor of me?

By the way, are they accepting clients from the Philippines?


    January 8, 2018 at 11:48 am

    Hi Gomer Magtibay, Thank you for your comment.

    You raised an interesting question on the risk, which is associated with “losses” and also on the trade mechanics of the managed account.

    Allow me to answer from my perspective as a Certified Financial Planner (CFP).

    1. Nowadays, most of the trading is a combination of algorithm and human. Reason being algorithm is more of logic and less of emotion. While human is there to monitor and set the position of “stop loss”, i.e. the position to close if the trade is losing, and also the position of “take profit”,i.e the position to close if the trade is winning.

    How managed account works is that each trade is a certain % of the total capital, it could be just 1-2% of the capital, and because of many trades can be done over 24 hours, the trades that are losing are balanced and covered by the winning trades, hence the account can be profitable. One thing to understand is that the managed account manager is paid by the performance of the fund, if it trades against you, there is no gain to the account manager as both the managed account and investor are both lost to the market.

    2. Managed account starting deposit typically higher than doing it yourself trading, which you can start with below 1,000. Another option you can explore is copy trading using Social trading eToro review- Trade forex market with auto trading forex. You can start with less than 1000 and select traders that has demonstrated “consistent” performance over more than 24 months duration and copy the trades. Personally I have an investment account with eToro, which I managed passively, and my account generate a return > 45% in 2017. 

    3. Vesbolt Managed account accept client from Philippines.

    In conclusion, risk and reward is an expectation and perception. For some, bungee jumping is thrilling, but some view it high risk. Likewise, when understand and managed properly, you as investor can also profit from the market volatility, which is where the opportunity arise for the traders to make money.

    Hope this clarifies. If you have further questions, feel free to leave your comments and I will be glad to answer.

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