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We always believed in transparency on the web. We are making the following disclosure to you that we have included certain products and or services via affiliate links on this site. If you choose to invest or make a purchase, we will get a small commission.

What are affiliate links and how it works ?

When you click on an affiliate link and proceed with your purchase or investment, you will be directed to the product or service site. The company or the service provider will pay us a small commission for promoting their services or products through their affiliate program.

Of course, this is at no extra cost to you. Prices are exactly the same for you if your purchase is through an affiliate link or a non-affiliate link. You will not pay more by clicking through to the link.

Our goal with the site is to help educate the public on the correct approach to safe investment opportunities. Through the compensation received can keep our efforts going to bring you great resources and tips.

As an independently owned company, the opinions, reviews expressed here are our own. We have not been given any free products, services or anything else by these companies in exchange for mentioning them on the site. The only consideration is in the form of affiliate commissions or compensation.

If you have any questions regarding the above, feel free to contact us by using the contact page. It can be accessed on the menu above.

Cheers and good luck !

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