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Learn how to investing money |

Learn how to investing money

Investing is actually pretty simple; you’re basically putting your money to work harder for you so that you don’t have to continually working for income or take on an extra freelance or work overtime hours to increase your take home pay. There are many ways people can invest in, you can learn make money from stock market, bonds, mutual funds, forex that usually don’t require a large sum of money to start.

Investing wisdom

How to get to financial freedom or grow money fast, you need to understand of the 3 money buckets.

Money buckets |
Usually everyone starts with Income bucket ❶ where the income is derived from wages, or extra income earned from doing additional freelance work. Out of the income received, part of it will be used to pay for bills, expenses, loans payments etc.

Next, you can block about 20% of your income and use it for investing purpose. This money should flow into your Investment bucket ❷

At this bucket, depend on your age, objective and investment sum, you can split the investment into two key categories

● for receiving income – this could be stock dividends, share splits, business profit distribution. This investment profits shall flow back to the income bucket to increase your total income pool. The objective is to allow the investment profits be big enough and replace your active income from wages and other work.

● for capital growth – this is the sum invested in the Capital growth bucket ❸. Typical investment in this category such as managed funds or portfolio are meant for capital compounding and growth.

Once your investment in the capital growth bucket reach a certain amount,

● 80% of the amount shall be withdraw for your big ticket financial goals. It could be down payment for a new home, renovation, or you could probably want to start working on paying off all of your debt. Pay off your credit card debt first, then follow by pay off your mortgage.

● Remaining 20% of the capital can be reinvested in your Investment bucket ❷ to build up your monthly profits i.e. your passive income stream.

After this was done, a good investing program would probably build up a series of cash reserves including an emergency cash reserve for you.

Finally, you would then begin to participate in other bigger investment like direct stock purchase plans, acquire real estate, and fund other opportunities.

What kind of investors are you ?

Your choice of investment product, duration of your holding, your time to monitor shall influence what type of investor you are. As different brokerage firm is suited for different investors, so determining your investment style before you start investing is usually a wise decision.

For easy understanding, investment here refers to product that can be easily traded like forex, options, futures, stocks etc.

  1. Short term Trader
    • Traders don’t hold onto investment for a long time. They aim to make quick returns based on short-term market movements and make many trade executions over a short time span. Many people in this category are involves in day trading. If you want to be a trader, then you should look for a broker company with low execution fees, as high trading fees could erode your returns. Also, please take time to gather enough experience first through trading on practice demo account first before investing your real money. Remember active trading takes experience, as the market is unpredictable at time.

2. Long term Buy-and-Hold Investor

    • A buy-and-hold investor, or passive investor, is someone who holds onto investments for the long term. The investment theme is capital appreciation i.e. letting their investing positions appreciate over longer periods of time and sell for higher gain a later date. If you see yourself to be a buy-and-hold investor, your main concern should look at monthly holding fees and rather than commissions per trade.

3. Hybrid Investor

    • Some investor style falls in between an active trader and a buy-and-hold investor. To fit into this category, some brokers make it easy to set up accounts and provide advice through use of artificial intelligence (AI) or Robo-advisor. The robo-advisor can eliminate human emotions and make the buy or sell decision more systematic. The fee structures is more affordable for the public, with the lower initial investment amount too.

3 stages of your investing success

Stage 1: PREPARE

Know your Finances

Examine your finances, like have some spare cash for emergency first before investing. Just like the income bucket, it should cover your expenses for bills, loans, expenses before jumping into the investment as it takes time to grow.

Set Goals

What is your investing goal like ? How long does it allowed for the investment to grow ? Safety of capital, income and capital appreciation are some factors to consider; are you using the investment to achieve your financial goal like settle off loan, or plan for your retirement ? what is best for you will depend on your age, position in life and personal circumstances.

Identify your Risk Tolerance

Before deciding on which investments are right for you, you need to know how much risk you are willing to take. Your risk tolerance will vary according to your age, income requirements and financial goals too.

Know Your Investing Style

Next is your investing style. Are you a trader or just a buy or hold type investor ? A typical way is to identify if you are conservative , balanced or aggressive investor.

Conservative investors will generally invest 70-80% of their money in low-risk, fixed-income securities such as Treasury bills, with 20% in blue chip equities. A balanced investor, will take 50% on low risk instrument, balance of 30% in medium cap companies, 20% in blue chip equities. On the other hand, aggressive investors will generally invest 80-100% of their money in equities, forex as well..

Stage 2: AIM

Learn some knowledge in investing

Learn the differences between forex, equities, fixed income, mutual funds, ETFs, and fixed deposits. Reading books written by successful investors such as Sir John Templeton, Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett or others will be good start. You can find some good books at our education section for reading.

Select your Investments

Traditionally most people will select three asset classes: equities, fixed income and cash. But this has totally ignored the largest financial market, i.e. forex. When done properly, forex investing can provide better returns or gains together with your other asset classes. You can invest in forex either trading by yourself, use social trading or use a managed investment companies.

Research the Fees or Costs

It is important to study the costs of investing as it will impact your net investment returns. As a whole, passive investing tend to have lower fees than active investing.

Typically, any investment involves a broker will attract commission charges. Forex or Stock brokers, charge commissions. Mutual funds charges various management fees. If you are starting out with a small investment, get a broker with reduced or low fee.

Stage 3 : FIRE

Find your Broker

The type of broker or company that is right for you depends on the amount of time you are willing to spend on your investments and your risk tolerance. First question to ask is will you be actively or more towards passive investing. There are many brokers to choose from if you want to do active investing or trading, but you need to select a broker who can do robo-advisor or managed account if you like passive investing.

Managed your Emotions

Don’t let fear or greed control your investment decisions. While greed can lead an investor to hold on to a position too long in the hope of higher gain, fear can cause an investor to sell an investment too early or too fast. If your investment keeps you awake in the middle of the , it might be best to re balance your investment, look into your risk tolerance and adopt a more conservative approach.

Periodic review

When you situation changes, like your cash positions improve, you will need to review your investments. It is a good guide to review your portfolio every 3 months if you are active investing, or at least every 6 months if you are passive investing to make sure your investment return stays on track.

Factors to consider when select your broker

Before you can choose a broker, you have to know the difference between what constitutes one. There are regular full services brokers or  discount brokers. So, never judge a broker just by the fee, you need to consider more factors.

Reputation and Regulation

First thing first is to ask, which financial authority regulate the broker. This is the most important factor as your safety and segregation of funds are crucial in event the broker goes out of business. You need to have your funds protected and be rightly compensated by the regulatory compensation scheme.

Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and the Securities Investor Protection Corporation in US or Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in UK, for example, are regulatory bodies that oversees the broker financial industry and safeguard investor interest.


For forex brokers, there are minimum balances for starting a brokerage account. Typically, this number ranges between $250 to $1,000 with an online broker.


In forex trade, margin can be offered as 1:100 to 1:500, it means that for every 1000 dollar in your trading account, you can trade up to 500,000 dollars (for 1:500 margin)

While you might consider higher margin account, be aware of the interest that your broker may charge when you make a trade on margin. While margin give you leverage to increase your profit, there is also downside risk associate with it you need to know too.

Fee Structures

While most brokers have similar fee schedules, some brokers have complex fee structures embedded with hidden fees.

If you see a broker with unusual fee structure, first question you should ask is whether the broker is regulated. If the rates seem too good to be true, be sure to read carefully over your account agreement and fee summaries to spot for any hidden charges.


Does the broker charge fees to make a withdrawal, or they will stop your withdrawal if  your balance drop below the minimum? If you have accept trade bonus from the broker, chances are you cannot withdraw your money before hitting the required turnover amount. These are the typical complaints when people cannot proceed with the withdrawal of their investment.

Make sure that you understand the terms and conditions involved in withdrawing money from with your prospective broker.


It is your money, so make sure invest them carefully. At the end of the day, you will need to make a decision to  choose a broker to proceed. While your first broker won’t necessarily be your broker for life, you have a much better chance of making money as an investor if you put the right amount of time and research into choosing a broker.

Done correctly over a long career, with the investments managed prudently, you can find it easier to be achieve your desired financial freedom and attaining the status of becoming a millionaire.

I want be millionaire |

I want be a millionaire !

Isn’t it great feeling to see a million dollars in your bank account ? Following our ideas and with consistent investing, you will become millionaire soon.

Neverthelss, given the volatility in the economies, it’s no longer safe to assume a million dollars is enough to provide you and your family with true security, but achieving millionaire status is the first step. based on a Investments’ study by Fidelity investments on millionaires investor reveal that 42 percent of them would need $7.5 million of investable assets to start feeling rich !

Before your investing take place, there is one thing need to do..that is make sure you have cleared all the pcychological garbages, i.e. the negativity and self doubt in your mind.

“I want be a millionaire” – Is this your commitment or want ?

Imagine you have bought a 2nd hand computer and want to put it to good use. What will be the first thing you will do ? Will you just power the computer on and immediately install all the software or tools into the computer ; OR, you will do a scan on the computer hardware and also to clean all the computer virus right ?

Most people will do the latter to ensure the computer has been reformat or “clean” before installing new program. Just like a computer, you may probably be consciously or subconsiously subjected to lots of negativity in life, that is the “virus” So, it needs to be reset before you can move on to achieve great things in life.

If you have a business idea then that is your ultimate goal to start that business and make a success of it. If you want to invest your way to millions of dollars, then do some reserach work, continue your investing effort to make that happen.

First thing first, you must make a decision you want to be a self-made millionaire. The first step was making a decision and setting a target. You can start by writing a statement, for example: “I am worth over $ 100,000,000 ” Stick it on your wall and write it everyday !

You got to be Committed to be Millionare, not Want to be Millionare.

Do your mind programmed to be Millionaire ?

Have you heard of people become rich and lose his money ? I know of a gentlemen who makes 54 millions in a year and lose 52 million away ! Another classic example is Mike Tyson who has made 400 million dollars during his 20 years of boxing career, but in his 39th birthday at 2004, he is in debt of 38 million !!

May be you will feel ponder and ask “Why”

Many medium income family teachings and lessons is to inculcate a sense of scarcity and fear: “Eat all your food; there are people starving,” “Don’t waste anything,” “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” Without you realising, this teachings have been subsciously embedded and become part of your thinking process and it is reflect in the view how you see the world. Sadly, real wealth and abundance aren’t created from such thinking. There’s no shortage of money on planet Earth, only a shortage of people who think correctly about it. To become a self made millionaire, you must first get rid of the poverty scarcity thinking.

How to be a a millionaire – Act as if you are already one

Outline here are 5 keys to your doors to attain the millionaire status.

  • Work Faster and Harder Like a Millionaire –Find ways to work faster. Most people comfort themselves and giving themselves generous deadlines for their goals. On the contrary, millionaire work differently. They know time is more precious and valuable than money itself, so they buy it, leverage on other people time and hire people for things they’re not good at or aren’t a productive use of their time.
  • Surround Yourself with Millionaires — I believe you would agree that you can’t learn how to make money from someone who doesn’t have much. Hence, get yourself mixed with millionaires and learn their stories and see what they have gone through in life.These are mentors and teachers that can inspire you. You need to know what people are doing to create wealth and follow their example: What books do they read?  How do they invest? How do they stay motivated and excited?
  • Giving back Pay it Forward — Self-made multimillionaires are motivated not just by money, but by a need for the community to validate their contributions. Treat it like a duty to pay it forward and contribute to contribute consistent with your need and potential. Millionaires don’t lower their benchmark or targets when things get tough. Rather, they raise expectations for themselves because they see the difference they can make for the company, employees, communities.
  • Shift Your Focus to Investing — The Millionaires don’t spend money; rather they invest. Out of their income, they invest first for networth growth and balance only for daily spending. They buy assets that produces cash flow, appreciates over years. While people may buy cars for comfort and style, the millionaires know how to buy cars as business expenses that are tax deductible because they are used to produce revenue.
  • Create Multiple Income Source — The millionaires and the rich never depend on just one income but instead create a number of revenue streams. When a business is started, they employed people to look after it. Once the businesss have steady cash flow, they invest in a new business to generate a new income flow.

Align your mindset for your millionaire goal

Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want
Rich and successful man believe in the power of positive thinking and visualisation. They will tell you that you need to get clarity on what you want, and by doing so, you will start attracting all those things to your life.  When you do it, you need to frame your dreams in a positive way. So, having self doubt is the biggest enemy of success. Kill any self-doubt by simply having an unbreakable, unshakeable belief in yourself. Just believe in yourself emotionally and  you don’t need to have a logical reason to do that.

Copy the Success of a Mentor

Find a mentor or somebody who inspires you. get in touch with them if ou can. Ask to work for them for free as part of mentorship conditions. If not, then read their biography, follow their trainings, videos, articles and any other contents. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. If there is already a proven recipe for success, just copy-paste it ! And if you still want to do things your way, then do it later – after you become successful.

Don’t let your ego control you

In many times we let our ego take over control of our behavior.  Whenever we hear “no” to our request or being rejected, we tend to defend ourselves with our pride and activating to protect our ego. The problem with that, is our ego able to provide us solutions for what is good for you in the long run.

When a person is in pursuit to success, accept the reality to have your self pride lowered, or to the extent feeling a bit hurt. It’s about something bigger and much more important here. It’s about your future success.

It is okay to feel uncomfortable to grow

if you keep doing the same things, you’re going to get the same outcome, same results. If you want to change what you have, then you going to try something else.You have to get outside of your comfort zone to make changes. It is perfectly normal to feel uncomfortable. This is the only way to grow and learn.

Next time you feel that a discomfort feeling in your stomach, talk to yourself: “I’m becoming a better person. I’m moving towards becoming richer and more successful.” Accept that successful people act in spite of fear, embrace it and be a new you.

Enjoy the process and celebrate small successes

Make every single moment of your day count and learn to enjoy the process along the way. And when you getting better and move a step closer to success, feel grateful and and celebrate it in a small way.

There is no such a thing as a small success or big success. Every success if for you to count the blessings, all success are big and they should be celebrated! The size doesn’t matter. Welcome small success and you’ll notice how your day turn into one big continuous success.


Being successful is a matter of personal effort, endurance, persistence and mindset. In an easy way you can have a millionaire mindset, too. Just follow what other rich people do ! Wealth is available to anyone who wants to focus and persist. So, let make your millions and keep it, multiply it.

Investment scams |

Investing Scams

You have some cash and want to make some money through investing. You found some sites that are very convincing and have good online presence, and look like a legitimate company. The investment program offers a high return on your investment, but are told it’s low risk. If you have retired, please be watch out as senior investing scams are on the rise. Many financial fraudsters use sophisticated and effective tactics to get people to part with their money.

Internet Frauds Scams

Today, due to the internet and digital communications, internet scams become a worldwide financial game and be much more complex. Some of these scams are so convincing, even professional investors have fallen victim to them.

Investment scams aim to get unsuspecting people to hand over money. On the face of it, they appear legitimate, knowledgeable with websites, testimonials and marketing material.

The famous internet investment scam is a Ponzi Scheme, where money is collected from new investors to pay previous investors. Eventually the money owed is greater than the money being collected and the scheme collapses, leaving all the investors out-of-pocket.

Trading Binary Option Scams

Binary options are a class of options which is extremely simple to use and understand functionally. The most common binary option is a “high-low” option. The option has expiry date or time and a closing price at expiry. If an investor or trader able to predict the movement correctly, the investor will get paid a fixed percentage of return or nothing at all.

Trading Binary option scams are a very common nowadays because people could see how easily by investing $250 and you will be making $1,000 in short period. Here are the 4 step process

  1. Company opens a website that looks like a reputable binary options broker.
  2. They show example of trading signals software that promises 85-90% accuracy.
  3. You believe and put in your initial deposit of $250 and you lose.
  4. You then receive a phone call from a “senior trader” persuade you to invest more like $5,000 and you let the trading software does the job, and lose most of your money fast !     

Forex Trading Scams

The foreign exchange (forex) market is considered to be the largest and most liquid financial market in the world. Investors buy and sell currencies with the aim of making money on changes in exchange rates. Forex ads promote easy access to the foreign exchange market and make money through signals or software.

However, foreign exchange trading is dominated by large, highly trained staff from the international banks with leading edge technology and large trading accounts. It’s extremely difficult to consistently beat these professionals. Because forex trading services are often operated online from another country, unregulated firms may be marketing their services and you may be asked to wire money into an offshore account before you begin trading, where the money will be inaccessible. In any of these situations, you’re likely to lose your investment money.

Signs of investing scam

All investment scams have one thing in common. They claim to be able to offer high levels of return and all investment fraud follows a proven formula to take away your money by invoking the following principles:

  • Marketing Appeal : The marketing pitch is designed to attract investor into a get-rich-quick without much risk or hard work. Above market returns, guarantees, low or no risk. Investment scams appeals to the basic human emotions of greed, and wanting something for nothing, so that you’ll make an irrational decision. Scammers play on the fact that many people would love to get rich quickly by learning how to make money with minimal effort.
  • Unverifiable Claims: Secrets of the rich, technological breakthroughs, special mathematical algorithm, government conspiracy theories are things that are either hard to verify, or not verifiable at all. Another thing is fancy words and successful images are designed to win your trust by creating a façade of sophistication. Some even did multiple postings on internet under various aliases to create the appearance of many good reviews.
  • Sales Practices: Rushing you into decision, but telling you not to miss the golden opportunity and act Now in order to circumvent the investor rational thought process. You will find the investment often come with inadequate information, little disclosures, non-traditional payment choices, encouraging you to invest based on trust are all typical of manipulative investment sales practices that deviate from proven professional standards of conduct.
  • Lack Of Transparency : All investment accounts could be pooled funds where the investment manager has custody and possession, and account activity statements are generated only by the manager, and not by an independent third-party. These are the red flags as your investment accounts are not fully visible by the investor, there is a chance the investment numbers could be altered or manipulated.
  • Easy account verification : Investor will be asked to email the personal ID together with a statement of address, where the personal information can be easily accessible by anyone who open the email attachments, Scammer want the personal information so they can steal your identity, telephone contacts so to sell to other parties to obtain loans and credit cards in your name.

Tips to protect from Scam

  1. Do online searches. Type a company or product name into your favorite search engine with words like “review,” “complaint” or “scam.”
  2. Verify credentials. Only work with regulated broker and ask for their license for review. That is the reason why at, we only work with regulated credible brokers as they are constantly monitored by regulatory watchdogs.
  3. Take your time. If the account manager tells you that the offer is for a limited time only, or that investment opportunities are limited, then you have to seriously considered it as legitimate investment will be there tomorrow.
  4. Talk to someone. Before you deposit your money or give personal information, talk to someone you trust. Rethink your decisions and check out the story.
  5. How you pay. Credit cards have significant fraud protection and charge back period of 120 days built in, but some payment methods don’t. Wiring money services  is risky because it’s nearly impossible to get your money back.
  6. Be skeptical about bonus offers. Some companies offer bonus to entice you to sign you and invest. Be wary of the terms and conditions, when you take up bonus, your investment has to trade a certain turnover before money can be withdrawn from the account.
  7. Hang up on robocalls. If you answer the phone and hear a recorded sales pitch, hang up and report it to the authority. These calls are illegal, and often the products are bogus.
  8. Ignore “everyone is winning” story. Don’t believe claims that “everyone” is in on the deal. Be wary of a sales pitch that focuses on how many people are investing, without telling you why the investment is sound.
  9. There is no secret “quick Riches”. Be skeptical of investment pitches that guarantee a certain return or promise spectacular profits. No investment expert can make those kinds of promise as every investment involves risk.
  10. Educate yourself with information. Learn about investing and how to spot the red flags of investment scams so you can protect your hard earning savings.

Download Scam Research Checklist.


Always remember that it’s usually easy to invest in a fraud, but it’s far more difficult to get your money back out. Walk carefully and cautiously by completing your due diligence before ever committing your investment. Educated investors are the front-line defense against investment scams.  By exercising due diligence is your antidote to the manipulative and deceitful sales practices used to commit investment scams.

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