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Best way to invest 10k,20k,30k |

Best way to invest 10k, 20k or 30k ?

 What would you do if you have $10,000, $20,000 for investing ?

It is always a wonderful feeling to find that you have extra spare cash of $10,000 or $20,000 for investment.

Investing a sum of  $10,000, $20,000 is not a small amount. With so many ways, which one’s suit you ? No matter what the size of the investment, there are ways to improve your finance while maximize your investment to its fullest potential. Here are some of good tips to work out your investment.

3 questions to ask before investing $10,000 or $20,000

1. Do you have credit card loan with high interest charge?

  • Pay off any credit cards or high interest rate loan you still owe. If your credit card is charging you 15-18%, then it is suggested you pay down a portion of the loan. By paying debt first, you are earning that interest when you save yourself from paying.

2. Do you own an emergency fund account ?

  • This may not be the best way to set aside $10,000 or $20,000 to work. But it is a smart way. Living on your salary income month after month is not a wise thing to do. Aim for at least three months worth of expenses in your emergency fund. You can keep this emergency money in a high yield fixed deposit account to maximize your earnings.

3.  How soon you need to cash out your money ?

  • This relates to your investment time frame and potential return from your investment. If you need the money in a short period of 6 months, then you can talk to the bank to open a saving deposits account. If you have about 6-12 months, you can explore on some online broker managed investments. However, if your investment time frame is 24 months or more, you can consider stocks, or even become a passive mutual fund investors.

    Be clear of your objective to invest $10,000 or $20,000

“In investing, what is comfortable is rarely profitable”

Most people would invest for short-term goals, some for long-term goals. In almost every response there was at least one purpose that is to improve a person’s overall financial situation be it to receive continuous income or capital growth.

Deciding how and where to invest your money is not always an easy decision. Depending on your level of experience and goals as an investor, you can either Do It Through yourself (DIY) by learning how to trade the market or by engaging an investment adviser to participate in managed investment program.

Understand your investing options

Simply put, there are 3 broad ways for you to invest your $10,000 or $20,000.

1st way – Active investing

This is the Do-It-Yourself approach. You need to put in your effort to learn, monitor and take action yourself.

Example of active investing are :

  • Open a high yield savings or FD account -that could give you 3% – 5% return depending on which country you are from.
  • Trading stocks, forex, options, futures – open account like in Easy Markets. with your good market understanding, you could potentially yield 10-15% return per month.
  • Online marketing like Amazon, Clickbank – this need lots of effort initially to set up website, different traffic, and truly learning the ins or outs of online marketing. The successful online marketer can be really earning online up to millions of dollars
  • Invest in a training program – educate yourself. You may sign up for a training or coaching program to learn up new skills to improve your career prospects or even starting something on your own.

2nd way – Social investing

This is the Do-It Together-With-You approach. You still need to in your effort to monitor and take action but you spend lesser time compared to Active investing way.

Example of Social investing :

  • Invest in social trading platform like E-TORO – you are research the good traders, test out the trader performance, and follow their investment strategy. By doing this way, you are diversifying to stocks, forex currency or some even in cryto-currency in bitcoin, ethereum, just to name a few.

3rd way – Auto pilot investing

This is the Done-For-You approach. You become your own boss in the investment, and engaging a competent adviser or investment firm to manage your investment funds.

Example of Auto-pilot investing :

  • Invest through investment company like Vesbolt – this is the new trend of investing. It’s an online investment management platform, often nowadays use robo or algorithm to do the trading and monitor by real competent investment managers. Everything is handled automatically for you. Investment selection, asset allocation –at very reasonable fees.
  • Invest through mutual fund company like Vanguard ETF, Fidelity funds, which is by far the most common way of how people investing.

Allocation of your investments

This area touch on the risk management aspect of your investment allocation. Always remember there are Risk and Return in investing. To control your risk exposure, you can consider divide your funds into several investments by way of asset allocation.

Asset allocation is a method of investing where you put some money in stock and some in fixed deposits. The younger you are or you have longer investment time, the more risk you can take, which means, you can invest more through the managed investment funds for a higher gain.

In Conclusion

If you are not sure how you should invest your money, it is in our suggestion that in your best interest, you should equip yourself by learning and acquire more market knowledge first. You must understand one simple rule – the market is always there for you, but make sure you will be there properly equipped. The main objective of this site is to provide you with proper education so you never be scammed or cheated by the many con artist out there.

Nevertheless, start to have a financial investing game plan in order for you to achieve financial freedom. Over time, as your knowledge improves, you’ll gain the confidence you need to move forward. The reason why we put this information out there is to guide investor like you to learn how to invest with confidence and manage your money better than ever. You can do it.

How to financial freedom |

How to financial freedom – with proper investing

Mastery of your Financial Freedom

Many average people work hard 8-10 hours a day with the hope to save enough money, and attain financial independence at end of the working life.

However, in today’s world of low or zero savings rate, the more realistic way to achieve financial freedom is to know proper investing. Financial freedom means that your get to make life decisions without being stressed or worry about money. You become the Master of your financial matters, and NOT being controlled by them.

What is Financial Freedom for You?

Financial freedom is a personal thing. When your are financially free and independent, your always have options.
What does financial freedom for your? It could be :

  • Freedom to retire 10 years early
  • Freedom to upgrade to a new home
  • Freedom to pay cash for a new car
  • Freedom to take holiday trip every year without worrying on your budget
  • Freedom to do charity for the needy with generosity

In a survey done by UBS and Spectrem, a question was asked what is “Financial Freedom” means to the millionaire clients, and the answer to that question bring out a profound apprehension of 4 key essence of financial freedom.

  1. Security – Financial independent people feel confident to confront what happens in life.
  2. Comfort – Not only for yourself, but also for generations to come.
  3. Time – One of the most important thing’s money can buy is more free time
  4. Freedom – It’s the freedom to quit your daily JOB to do something your enjoy and passionate about, even if it mean getting paid less.

In short, financial freedom means life satisfaction – the ability to live the kind of life that makes your happy !

Investing- Your How to Financial Freedom

We all have 2 major life milestones to save and accumulate money i.e. raising kids fund and old age retirement fund.

Retirement Savings

Start by working with your financial adviser to take advantage of the tax-favored retirement accounts that are available to your, typically your would save about 20% of your income, for 20 years before your retirement.

Tertiary Education Savings

The great thing about saving for your kids’ university education is that by helping them avoid student loan, your’re guiding them towards for financial freedom too !

Real Estate Investments

Your home should be part of your plan for financial freedom, and it should be settled before your retire.

It’s important to make wise decisions about the kind of home your purchase and how your choose to finance it. If your buy a home that is a good investment, it will continue to grow in value as the years go by.

Managed Investments

Another profitable way to open a brokerage account and invest in managed investments.

Many rich people have advisers or broker and invest some money in forex or binary options investments. Do your know that most money is not in share or equity market, but in forex market ?

When it is done properly through a regulated and legitimate broker firm, your can see your money grow and compounded at the rate faster than savings in bank !

Practical tips- How to Financial Freedom

1. Spend Less Than You Earn

This is very important. Part of what your earn your need to pay yourself first. Do not live on credit and it is a common sense your’re trying to make enough money to live the rest of your life on.

Live your life as your would if your were broke and stick to your plan. Your plan has worked thus far and continue focusing on it until your have achieved your end goal.

2. Train and Educate Yourself

Learn from those who are successful. And many successful people live on set of rules and principles. Learn how to set goal and have a financial plan. Have a reading habit. One of the good books your can read is Principles by Ray Dalio.

3. Stop Saving, Start Investing

We have been trained when young to save money and open a bank account. However, I learned that saving your money does absolutely nothing more than protect your for a few months, but not forever, as your savings return is so little, the inflation will eat all your return away !

The only real way to create massive wealth is to invest as much money as your can.

If your want to be financially free in less than 10 years, your have to diversify your investments. Find different thing’s that your’re passionate about that don’t require a ton of time and invest in them.

4. Take Calculated Risks

Most people who have achieved financial freedom will tell your that they do some investments that paid off big for them. Obviously, any investments involve risk and return, as long as your can risk the amount in exchange for handsome profit, your are taking a calculated risk.

5. Be Patient with your money

Be patient with your money. Give it a chance to compound and grow, but your need to monitor that as well. When your money goal reach certain milestone, reward yourself !

Reaching Financial Freedom

Financial freedom is about more than just being able to cover unexpected emergencies, and it is a blessing your have achieved abundance in life.

On your pursuit to financial freedom, it is good to plan for charitable givings as well. Remember the saying, “the more your give, the more your receive?”

The path to financial freedom isn’t a get-rich-quick strategy. And financial freedom doesn’t mean that your are free of the responsibility of handling your money well. After achieving financial freedom, your must learn how to preserve it as well. Having complete control over your finances is the fruit of hard work, sacrifice and time. And all of that effort is worth it!

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